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What is a Brand

A brand is the perceived feel of a company-the emotional business image as a whole. Design Persona works closely with your business to help define your brand and help develop your brand identity using tag lines, company and website names, website and marketing material that emphasizes just what your business is all about to ensure your business brand is represented and leveraged most effectively.

The Right Tools

What We Do


A logo is a symbol that identifies a business.  It plays a major visual role in how your business is perceived.

Marketing Material

Your brand identity doesn't just stop with a logo or website, your businesses identity should be the same in print as well as online.


Online Store, Portfolios, Blog, and more. Using a unified platform built for success, the professionals at Design Persona can quickly get your business up and running.

Ongoing Operations

Materials for your internal and external operations. Training material, presentations, publications, info-graphics and much more.

Social Media

Unique social media sites consistent with your brand identity. Share pages from your website with all your social media accounts.

Templates for email Marketing

email templates allow you to create marketing campaigns quick and easy.


A customized beautiful blog built into a flexible, reliable platform that grows with your needs

Online Store

Add an online store or individual product buy buttons to multiple sites. Manage them all in one control panel.

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