Marketing with the Right Tools, Content, and Focus

The Right Tools

Increase Sales

Email Marketing Campaigns

Lets face it, the litany of SPAM we all receive on a daily basis makes our customers leery. Campaigns with a purpose, one that makes sense to your customer, is a major factor in the success of a campaign. That is why combining good design with a robust hosting platform is important to marketing your business.

Social Media

Increase your hit rate by sharing information from your website with your social media pages. Plus, by sharing news articles, blog posts, images, page content, and online shop items you can save time by eliminating multiple steps. Increase traffic and sell your products on your social media sites by embedding products or your entire store.


Slash your bounce rate. It only takes 10 seconds for a potential customer to decide if they are going to go to your website and even less time to decide if they are going to stay once they are there. Customers are more likely to respond to a visual display of information.

Customer Relationship Management

Your website will automatically track every customer's interaction throughout their website visit and, maintain it in a database. Both automatic and drill down reporting makes lead identification and following up both easy and automated. Personalized email marketing campaigns, inquiry follow up and sales tracking  will not only be easy, but integrated into your website.

Integrated Reporting

Real-time reporting of website activity at the click of a button. Manage all areas of your online business efficiently using a combination of reporting tools. You can report on the number of visits to your site, what each visitor is viewing, and where they are coming from. Drill down reporting can identify repeat customers and automate personal outbound emails simply and efficiently.

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